My GE Washer Has a Noisy Spin Cycle

GE Washer Has a Noisy Spin Cycle

GE Washer Has a Noisy Spin Cycle

Uneven Leveling Legs

If you have a GE washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle, it may not be resting evenly on the floor. Be sure that your washing machine is level with the ground. An unlevel washer can develop noise issues and cause damage to the machine. GE Washer Has a Noisy Spin Cycle

Check your unit by resting a carpenter’s level on the top. If you find that it’s not even, you’ll need to adjust the leveling legs on the bottom of the unit. Each leg can be screwed in or out to raise or lower one side of the machine. Adjust as needed until your washer is level.

GE Washer Overloaded or Unbalanced

Today’s front-load washing machines offer powerful cleaning and high-capacity, but even they have limits. A GE washer making noise during spin cycle may be overloaded with too many items, causing it to struggle to turn properly and even stop spinning altogether. Be sure to follow your model’s use and care manual on the weight and capacity limits of your unit.

Top-loading washers are also susceptible to becoming unbalanced when overstuffed or loaded improperly. Distribute items evenly around the wash tub so that one side isn’t more weighed down than the other. If left unchecked, unbalanced loads can lead to noisy part malfunctions and breakdowns.

Defective Tub Bearing

When you hear your washer banging during wash cycle, a faulty tub bearing is usually to blame. This small, ring-shaped part is located on a front-load washer’s outer tub and near the transmission on a top-loader. Despite top load vs. front load washer differences, the tub bearing is a piece common to both models, keeping their inner tubs running smoothly.

Over time, water and detergent can seep from the tub’s seals and cause the bearing to rust and break. This is typically when you hear a loud banging or squealing sound during a spin cycle.

A defective tub bearing can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced. However, given its hard-to-reach location and proximity to other vital washer components, we recommend professional service for this job.

GE Washer Has a Noisy Spin Cycle


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