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Almost all the appliances in your house can be repaired; although the cost of each repair varies. The technician’s hourly rate or the amount you have to pay for him usually depends on the extent of the damage, the technician’s experience and expertise, and other factors. Among the appliances that are less costly to repair than to replace are dryers, freezers, refrigerators, washers, stoves, and built-in ovens. Most technicians also service laundry and kitchen appliances, microwaves, ranges, hoods, and disposals.

To get bigger savings, it is wise to find and hire a repairman that’s reliable enough and really specializes in appliance repair.

The repairman that you should hire must have these qualities:

  1. Expertise in appliance repair. Some repairmen servicing wide virtually of the household appliance. Those technicians are the right person to contact if you need someone to repair your freezer, microwave, or any other home appliance. Those people are especially good because they learned from the manufacturer of your particular appliance.
  2. Years of experience. An appliance service company that has been in business for many years is more qualified. That kind of companies has been proven again and again to be reliable. Usually they employ better technicians and have more experience dealing with customers.
  3. Affiliation in a professional appliance repair company. While some appliance problems seem way easy to fix, the task will look harder when you start to disassemble the parts of the appliance. So it pays a lot to get someone from a professional appliance company particularly if the problem is a potentially hazardous electrical wiring.
  4. Reliability. One way to determine if a repairman is reliable is to see his reviews on Yelp or Google. From those reviews, you can easily see if his previous customers were happy with his service and if they plan to use his services again in the future.
  5. Good track record. Hire only the appliance repairman who has a clean record of completing his repair jobs. Again you can your repair man for reviews from his previous clients. Or look him up on Thumbtack.